Saturday, September 21, 2013

The night I didn't see The World's End

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I went to BAM to see the new comedy by that clique of British comedians centered around director Edgar Wright and writer/performer Simon Pegg. You'll remember their films Sean of the Dead, the zombie comedy, and Hot Fuzz, the Straw Dogs/Wicker Man/Bad Boys II mash-up that starts out as a small British parody of buddy-cop-action films and ends up as a great buddy-cop-action film  parodying British smallness. The screening of The World's End was in the smallest theater at BAM. There was no one in the theater but me, in the third row, and a couple three rows behind me. What the fuck was I doing watching this major commercial film in this tiny, empty, self-congratulatory theater? Why wasn't I in front of a huge screen with a noisy crowd and popcorn at Court Street? I got up and left and didn't ask for my money back. It was my fault.

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